Yamaha Outboards ‘Go the distance’

Yamaha Outboards ‘Go the distance’

Peter Goodall from switch plus had written a great script for a Yamaha Marine Spot. It was a tale of father and son, and their bonding over a love of boating.

Casting was the first thing to sort out with this commercial. We had to see the son through a few stages in his life and it was a matter of getting a matching set who could all deliver great performances, and have unique skills (such as wake boarding). We also then of course had to make sure there was a believable family resemblance with Mum and Dad as well. Jill Loof organised casting and brought in plenty of great options, so we where able to cast really well. When it came to the shoot all the cast where great fun to work with, and were really easy to get great performances out of.

We shot the spot over a few days, With the house and dealership day we where able to get Dave Tilbury from Filmlighting, in to gaff. For the other two days it was Just Brett, myself, Camera assistant Matt Floyd, and the open water. Yamaha gave us a great camera boat and driver to work with, and we where able to get some pretty awesome shots. The weather was perfect for shooting out in the water (and for roasting the tips of my ears!).

I'd shot all the house stuff where the hook of the story takes place on sticks, to help portray a stagnate, familiar feeling and tried to keep all the stuff out and about on the move for a sense of excitement. This stop start loop gave the repetitive lyrical pacing needed to set up the gags payoff at the end.

Once Off-lined in FCP, it was graded in at Radium on Color by Warren Eagles. Brett On- lined for National digital delivery.

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