Brett Straughan - EP/Editor
Bob Blasdall - Editor
Matt Dow - Editor/Producer
Brad Howard - Director
Simon Harvey Smith - Director
David Roati - Editor
Darren Roach - Illustrator/Designer
Adelaide Gee - Production Manager
Grace Barker - Production Manager
Warren Eagles - Colorist
P.J. Cockburn - Animator/Compositor
Jill Loof - Casting Director


Simon Harvey Smith - Director

Simon is an accomplished Director, Cinematographer, Editor and Animator. Above all else however, he is a passionate visual storyteller who loves capturing viewers attention and moving audiences. He has a versatile range and style and is just as comfortable crafting engaging and believable performances with talent, or constructing arresting sequences purely with visuals.

Simon enjoys collaborating with creatives and clients to really get to the core of what is going to be the best interpretation of the idea. His all round knowledge and hands on approach to the entire filmmaking process guarantees that budgets end up on screen.

Commercials Showreel

Music Video Showreel


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