Screaming Bikini Music Video 'Easy'

This all started with Milan. I had been in at Radium grading some Brian McFadden clips with Warren, and I'd been chatting with Brett about the F3 and how it worked well on a steadicam. Of course Milan came up and I related all his crazy antics.

A few weeks later Brett was problem solving how to create a Screaming Bikini music video on short notice, based around some stock footage the label had used in a commercial advertising the album. It was of a guy waiting for his date in front of a city building. Brett wondered if we could do something similar with Milan, following the singer Sarah Mcleod around the streets and intercutting with the sock.

I quickly whipped up a treatment to create a look and loose story around the stock footage and what resources we had, and once Sarah was filled in via telephone and email and was on board, off we went. Brett sourced an awesome location in the city, and together with Art Director Jill loof madly scrambled around effortlessly :) to put together an awesome art department. Sarah flew into Brisbane that night, and the next day we where shooting.

We kept the crew small so as not to slow things down in close quarters, bringing in Makeup/ hair stylist Felix, Camera Assistant Matt Floyd, and of course Milan. I lit it with small tungsten and daylight units, which I guilted Milan into setting up as his rig wasn't required until the second half of the shoot :). I like the look you can achieve shooting on a monopod. If you keep it moving, It can feel like something between a Mini Jib and hand held. I think it cuts in really well with steadicam stuff as well.

Sarah was a true professional, she knew what she did and didn't like, was accommodating, and easy to work with.

I Off-lined in FCP and composited in AE. Warren came into Radium and Graded in Color, Brett On-lined and delivered digitally. Post was completed in about 3 days.

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