NRMA Brisbane Broncos ‘Biggest Fan’

NRMA Brisbane Broncos ‘Biggest Fan’

It was a different approach for this years membership commercial for the Broncos. Rather than the usual TVC only approach, the idea was to create an interactive online campaign. Brett had worked with Peter Goodall from switch plus and the Broncos to develop the idea. They came up with the concept of a party in the Broncos locker room, with all their fans. Except their biggest one - the viewer. When this is realised they receive a phone call from one of the players.

The first thing I said when I read the script was wow, so I guess we need a couple of days to shoot this. Nope, Brett answered, we have access to the players and celebrities for four hours only. My reply: Are you kidding me!! Well ok - challenge accepted!

The key to getting this done was of course planning, planning and more planning, but I knew in the back of my head from working with the broncos before that I had to be adaptable and ready for anything. We decided to set up a locker room set in one of the conference rooms at the club. This would allow full use of the four hours we had, as there would be little chance of the players running late as they would be there training.

We bumped in the day before to construct the set, and huge kudos must go out to Jill loof, for doing a great job in art direction for creating a believable looking locker room with minimal budget. My gaffer on this shoot was Mick Smith, and he came up that afternoon for a pre light. I knew I would have no time to tweak lights during the shoot, so we had to get it right for a 360 degrees then and there. With that all set we had the morning of the shoot to test our confetti cannons, which Mick’s team operated.

I shot the whole affair on steadicam, which Milan Holec operated. This was both for speed and style. I wanted the camera to be moving wherever possible to create a vibrant party atmosphere, and I also needed to move from setup to setup as quickly as possible. Matthew Floyd focus pulled and Chris Gillette recorded the sound. I spent the next four hours pretty much yelling instructions as slightly organised chaos erupted. The set really was one of the craziest things I had ever worked on. We had a team of restless footy players, a mariachi band, a horse, cheerleaders, football legends and of course a mob of fans. Alfie Langer had a last minute commitment which didn't allow him to be there on the day, so we recast him as the Janitor, which we shot as a pickup over at Suncorp stadium the next day.

I credit being able to get through all the set ups on time to the years of experience doing low budget music videos, and Brett for his brilliant organisational support during the planning stage. The offline came together really easily, I had it all cut in about half a day. Brett then did the online and final colour grade, before it was released on the Broncos fans.

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