NRMA Brisbane Broncos ‘Are you with us?’

NRMA Brisbane Broncos ‘Are you with us?’

The concept of this TVC was to have the players delivering the poetic copy of Switch's Peter Goodall all around Brisbane, as they rally their fans towards the stadium. As usual, limited time with the Broncos high profile players is a factor in approaching the shoot. To alleviate this we decided to shoot Green Screen. Brett and I then scouted Brisbane and collected background plates and other elements, which we shot on his Nikon D3 and my 7D.

The Green Screen approach allowed us to greater control the look and feel of the spot, allowing me to go for a feel reminiscent of the movie 300. We shot the players in 5K so as to have plenty of resolution for the composite, and I even managed to find an excuse to use a chocolate gel.

The studio was a much more comfortable environment for the players to work in, and allowed us more time to focus on the delivery of the lines.

Once shot, Brett and I got to work compositing whilst 3D animator Mark Williams worked on the closing stadium shot that involved creating approximately one thousand 3D generated fans. Brett then did the final Online and colour grade.

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