Brett Straughan - EP/Editor
Bob Blasdall - Editor
Matt Dow - Editor/Producer
Brad Howard - Director
Simon Harvey Smith - Director
David Roati - Editor
Darren Roach - Illustrator/Designer
Adelaide Gee - Production Manager
Grace Barker - Production Manager
Warren Eagles - Colorist
P.J. Cockburn - Animator/Compositor
Jill Loof - Casting Director


Jill Loof - Casting Director

Jill has worked in Film and Television for the past 24 years in a number of different roles. She started as a performer then moved behind the camera, spending 17 years working in art direction and other production support areas.  Now, as a Casting Director, Jill is without equal in her ability to take from the Director’s mind and deliver the perfect person for the role. Jill recognises that different job pressures require different skills and so looks far beyond just the face, focusing on the ability to perform in a specific production environment  for a specific style of end product.

Jill can talk endlessly about two subjects - Italy and Billy, her not-so-little-anymore son.


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