Brett Straughan - EP/Editor
Bob Blasdall - Editor
Matt Dow - Editor/Producer
Brad Howard - Director
Simon Harvey Smith - Director
David Roati - Editor
Darren Roach - Illustrator/Designer
Adelaide Gee - Production Manager
Grace Barker - Production Manager
Warren Eagles - Colorist
P.J. Cockburn - Animator/Compositor
Jill Loof - Casting Director


Adelaide Gee - Production Manager

After a short stint in 2013, Adelaide could not resist joining the Radium team full time in 2014. Of the many roles she handles, Adelaide has the unenviable task of keeping the production staff organised, with regard to scheduling and costings. Adelaide also looks after all facility bookings and is our resident expert in all areas of CAD and Adstream. Adelaide is always willing to assist on any production, especially if there is chocolate involved.